Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2009

Why Do Thai TV Stations Not Warn The Police in Phuket?

The first 2 minutes of this news report from Thailand shows the criminals have still been selling the worthless Alpha 6 "detector" to the government. Why doesn't anyone warn them before they are killed by explosives, bombs, or guns that this device CANNOT detect?!

The Alpha Six / Alpha 6 CANNOT DETECT DRUGS!!! None of these dowsing rods can detect drugs, people, gold, water, or weapons!!! They have NEVER passed a scientific test. These rods are sold based on the illusion that they work. They put them in the hands of experienced police officers who can already guess which cars have drugs in them.

When the police guess correctly most of the time, the saleman says "See! It works!." If the police officer picks a car without drugs, the salesman says "you are right 90 percent of the time, and these guys probably were smoking drugs earlier and the detector just found the small amount of drugs left on their clothing or in their blood."
The detectors DO NOT WORK!

Along with a legitimate technology, license plate recognition, the police in Phuket will use the Alpha 6.

The US Military works PACOM works closely with the Thai military to improve their security. Also, the US government spends millions on security training and equipment. Does America have no responsibility to ensure the money is spend on useful items and not snake oil claims of magical detection that has so far failed and failed and failed every scientific double blind test it has been put against?

A security system called ‘License Plate Recognition’ is proposed to be utilized at Tha Chartchai check point - the only land gateway to Phuket Island. Having being proposed it by a private firm and demonstrated to how the equipment operates, Phuket Governor Wichai Praisa-Ngob on Wednesday was briefed about the machine at Tha Chartchai check point. It can detect and report clear vehicle number-plates and persons in vehicles. The governor admits that the system is new to Phuket and that it can record the number of times a vehicle passes the system. It can also report a driver’s face and number plate and can call for data back to 6 months. The provincial authority plans to have the system installed in time for the up-coming ministerial meeting and two other regional meetings. This will work alongside the narcotic drugs detection machine – Alpha Six which will also be in place. Governor Wichai stressed that he would block all other land entrances and exits nearby to make sure that anyone or vehicles coming in and out of Phuket Island goes through this check point.

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