Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2009

Why Do Not US News Stations Warn Their Mexican Neighbors About GT-200?

Channel 7 television news station KVIA from El Paso Texas reported news from Juarez Mexico

"Once inside the apartment, investigators used a new GT-200 molecular detector to scan the apartment. This led to the discovery of 30 bundles of pot that were hidden within a mattress and the toilet bowl."

According to officials, Roldan was driving a semi truck headed into the U.S. via the Zaragoza International Bridge. Mexican custom agents utilized the GT-200, a molecular detector that scans vehicles for narcotics, to make the bust, officials said.

The device detected pot inside the trailer and a search led to the discovery. Charges are still pending against Roldan.

Why don't American reporters warn the people on the border between USA and Mexico about the GT-200 Molecular Detector, which has never been shown to locate anything?! A freely swinging radio antenna flopping around on a plastic box does not equal a detector of explosives or drugs. Countless times these devices have failed double blind tests. Never have they passed. Never. Always the makers and seller say there is some reason their device cannot be tested. How does a detector that cannot work when a user does not know where a sample is hidden work in the real world? Simple, it is an illusion and only appears to work, because experienced police and military officers know to search apartments of kidnappers for evidence.

For our readers from Mexico, here is more about GT-200 en Espanol:

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