Freitag, 1. Februar 2008

How Can People Be Warned About Sniffex?

If you appreciate the information on this page warning people before they buy the Sniffex Detector, MOLE, Alpha 6, ADE 100 or ADE 650, please consider adding a link to here on your own website, blog, or message board signature. The more people who link to this page, the higher this page will appear in search engines and more people will learn not to buy dowsing rods to detect explosives. This is but one small and simple way we can all help save the lives that will inevitably be lost if products like this continue to be sold. DOWSING RODS DO NOT WORK! They only SEEM to work. The more people who know this fact BEFORE they see a demonstration for a dowsing rod, the less likely they will be to fall for this illusion. The first answer is to educate people.

After Mister James Randi exposed the Quadro Tracker dowsing rod scam for explosives and drugs 10 years ago, the American television news show Dateline NBC and newspapers helped warn the public and led to the FBI investigation, arrests, and shutting down of the company. But the same people opened their company again outside of the US and now sell the MOLE, Alpha 6, ADE 100 and ADE 650, which all work and look exactly the same as the Quadro Tracker they were banned from selling in the USA! And now Sniffex is selling almost the same exact dowsing rod, but for more money. Please also consider telling your local newspaper or TV station about Sniffex so they can warn people and save lives. Maybe if there is enough public outrage at the sale of these dangerous products, more countries will ban them and prosecute those who sell these dowsing rods. It is bad enough to trick a person into buying a worthless item for finding water underground, but it is a different matter entirely to trick a person into buying a dowsing rod to protect themselves and others from bombs or guns.

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"More than 800 devices have been sold outside the U.S., including to government agencies in Estonia, Turkey, Russia and the Middle East, Mr. Johnson [president of Sniffex USA] said."

Scary, is it not?

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Anonym hat gesagt…

This is an article from the Phuket Gazette of Phuket, Thailand that tells how the government there are prepared to spend 1,000,000 baht on 2 Alpha 6 devices. I have sent the editor of the paper links to your site and others explaining the nature of this scam and pleaded with him to do some investigative journalism to save the taxpayers of Thailand these much needed funds.