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What Is The Alpha 6 Detector?

The Alpha 6 (2007) , MOLE (2002), and Quadro Tracker (1996) [respectively]

Would it surprise you that besides Sniffex, Alpha 6 is also the new, "totally unique" way of finding explosives through a swinging rod with no power source? Just look at the photos above to see how "totally unique" it is!

Let us see how many other falsehoods we can count in their sales literature!

  • The ALPHA 6 is a revolutionary product for search and detection of specific contraband substances. The ALPHA 6 is available in two variants, explosive detector and narcotic detector.
  • The ALPHA 6 Detection System is a totally unique method of locating contraband in any conditions and from a range of up to 300m. The ALPHA 6 works on "Molecular Resonance" and the ALPHA 6 system uses molecular recognition of programmed contrabands.
  • The ALPHA 6 is completely passive and has no ill effects on the operators. Nothing can block the molecular tracking of the ALPHA 6 and therefore the ALPHA 6 will find contraband when dogs are fooled by surrounding odors. ALPHA 6 will work from greater range and in conditions where vapor detectors will not.
  • The ALPHA 6 is the end product of many years of research into molecular behavior. Whilst the theory is not new, similar technology powers Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners, the application of the theory into proven technology is the breakthrough of the Alpha 6.
  • The ALPHA 6 consists of four parts. An inductor, a conductor and an oscillator which are built into the handle of molecules oscillate at a specific frequency.
  • The oscillator within the ALPHA 6 is programmed to oscillate at the same frequency as that of the substance to be located. The oscillator within the ALPHA 6 is powered by the static electricity that is generated in the human body when breathing occurs. These currents are inducted into the ALPHA 6, causing the oscillator, pre-programmed to oscillate at the specific resonant frequency of the search substance.
  • Power comes from a transfer of static electricity generated in the human body. The ALPHA 6 then relies on another known physical law. Any charged body in motion generates a magnetic field perpendicular to the direction of motion. This is the principle that all electric motors and generators operate on. Therefore when either the operator or the search substance is in motion, ALPHA 6 will detect the repulsion between the handle and the search substance and will point along the magnetic field generated due to the motion. It is this repulsion that allows the ALPHA 6 to indicate towards a search substance. In simple terms, the molecules in the handle are attracted towards the molecules in the substance resulting in the indication through the antenna.
As pointed out by a reader of James Randi's site, the Alpha 6 looks to be made from the exact same plastic mould used for the infamous Quadro Tracker, which was renamed the MOLE tracker after the company moved to Britain when the FBI raided the US headquarters. In fact, the ADE series of detectors also look nearly identical.

Let us look at the claims:

Alpha 6 is not "totally unique." It is the same dowsing rod scam that got the sellers arrested 10 years ago for selling the Quadro Tracker in the USA.

Alpha 6 does not describe how the device recognizes the molecular resonance of a substance, but the FBI found the prior version of the device using photocopies of pictures of drugs and explosives. A piece of the Xeroxed photo would be put inside a "chip" that would "program" the tracker on what substance to look for.

How much electricity is produced as static electricity from breathing??? I am curious as to how they have measured this. What is the voltage? If the electricity is being used to send out some sort of signal to the explosives molecules, then it is no longer "static" but becomes a "current" or flow of electricity. How much current can a person's breathing put out? If this is such a great source of power, why don't I use it for my mobile telephone or iPod? Why does every other electronic device use a power cord, battery, solar cell, fuel cell, piezo-electrics, or electrical generator with wires and magnets? The description says either the person with the Alpha 6 or the target has to be moving. Wouldn't it be cheaper for an airport that already has suitcases moving on a conveyor belt to put in a AA battery and mount the Alpha 6 on a tripod? Then if a suitcase went by with explosives the antenna would move and the luggage handlers could stop the belt and alert the police. Is it possible that the Alpha 6 has to be held by a walking person because then the ideomotor effect will come into play???

Alpha 6 is claimed to work like an MRI scanner. Yet MRI scanners have extremely strong magnets, use a large amount of electricity, and work over a relatively short distance (on the order of 1 meter). An MRI machine can pass a double-blind test. Saying the Alpha 6 is like an MRI machine does not mean it is. The only things the Alpha 6 have in common are metal, plastic, and the fact they are expensive. The magnets in an MRI are so strong that patients cannot wear metal. Since the Alpha 6 works at a distance 300 times farther than an MRI machine, and electromagnetic fields fall off exponentially with distance, your magnetic field oscillations would have to be 90000 times stronger. An MRI machine with a fixed magnet weighs about 100 tons. An MRI with standard electromagnets takes up to 50 kilowatts of electricity. Are you then using superconducting magnets bathed in liquid helium at −269 °C (-452 °F) like most hospital MRI machines?

How is the Alpha 6 ninety-thousand times stronger than this 3 Tesla MRI scanner? How does something 90000 times stronger cost less than a hospital MRI that sells for $1.000.000,00 US Dollars?

Please tell us what the molecular resonance frequency is for TNT, or cocaine. If you are programming it into the Alpha 6, surely you must know the answer. Anyone with a college level education in organic chemistry can answer this question, so please do not say it is a trade secret. Here is a hint, there are multiple frequencies for each molecule, not just one. How do you descriminate between the same molecular bonds in other substances such as fertilizer? How many molecular bonds in each substance are you exciting? How does the Alpha 6 do these calculations without any electronics or computer?

Finally, if you claim the explosive material repels the detector, why does the antenna swing TOWARD the source? If by some miracle you managed to induce a current in the target material through your Superman-like static-electricity filled breath, wouldn't the alleged repelling magnetic field push the antenna away? And besides, why is it repelling anyway, the molecules would be oscillating, meaning moving back and forth, from the waves put out by your super powerful breath powered oscillator. If it is oscillating, it should alternately attract and repel the antenna.

How do you get away with just renaming the same worthless product?


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To sum up Lumpy's comments, these detectors are a nonsense, they do not and cannot ever work.

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The Trees are going to prison.