Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2008

What Does A Master Debunker Think Of Sniffex?

Mister James Randi, the famous magician and now the master of exposing scams, tricks, and falsehoods, mentioned our friends over at the Sniffex Test blog. Scroll down on this page to read the full report and email exchange with the U.S.A distributor of Sniffex. In the older posts on this blog we explain why Sniffex appears to work when demonstrated by someone who knows where the sample is hidden, but consistently fails double-blind tests where neither the tester nor the observer know where the sample was hidden until after the testing is over.

After Mister Randi's exposure that the US Navy bought Sniffex after they tested it and found it did not work, I would think America will not use Sniffex.  But what about all of the other countries?  If you believe the press releases from Sniffex, TASC, and HSFI, the Bulgarian government bought hundreds.  The Estonians use them.  The Saudi Government bought them for their embassies.  Thailand bought some.  Hotels, Airports, and public parking lots use them in places like Lebanon and Dubai.  They are also for sale in Japan and Korea.  Should not these other countries know about the fact Sniffex has repeatedly failed tests to show it works?

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