Donnerstag, 10. Juni 2010

What Did The Thai Prime Minister Say About GT-200?

The Prime Minister of Thailand discussed the results of the double-blind tests of the GT-200, which showed the device to only point towards the sample of explosives 20 percent of the time, while random guessing of which of the four boxes contained the sample would be right on average 25 percent of the time.   That means the GT-200 helps you find explosives 0 percent of the time.

Can the Prime Minister of Iraq follow this lead and declare these devices unfit for use by his country's military and police?  How about the President of Mexico?


Techowiz hat gesagt…

Hi Lumpy,

I see that the AL-6D and the video of McCormick have been pulled and now made private on youtube, now what sort of company does not want to advertise their product?
Answer - One that is selling fraudulent products.
Did you see the link I sent you about Gary Bolton at Global Technical (GT200) being raided, I have enclosed it again for your information.

Lonjho hat gesagt…

Hi Lumpy.

There is a new memeber in the family. Yes, another one:

The molecular detector "Kx 9", from a acompany called CapPeter. If you hurry, you can check their brochure from here:

This one is in spanish, because they wil try next month to sell these things to the military and/or police of Argentina, according to my source. However, here are some of the technical specifications:

It has 3 removable cartridges for explosives, 1 for humans an 1 for narcotics.
Cartridge technology: atomic processing.
It can detect more than 51 substances.
Detection: Electrostatic.
Power: AA battery.

Nice, dont' you?

Lonjho hat gesagt…

Hi Lumpy.

The mexican news of nonsense, just for you:

1. A video from february where you can see a glimpse of an ADE651 been using by Mexican Army:

2. Another one where you can see an example of how they are using the GT200:

3. Following the explosion of a car-bomb in Ciudad Juárez a couple days before, the Army was looking for explosives with GT200 (and dogs). Here, if you watch carefully you can see a glimpse of the GT200:

Or, if you wish a picture, here it is:

4. But not only the Army is using these devices. Here you can see a Marine ("Infante de Marina", a Navy soldier) with the GT200. I don´t know the date:

5. The Mexico City goverment bought three GT200 for the city Police. Here's a pic:

6. And the latest news: Colima governor, anounced they will expend 10,000,000 pesos (783,085 USD) buying some inominated molecular detectors. Probably ADE651.

And what says mexican press about this scam?

Almost not a single word. Just a couple of notes here and there. Two of the last articles, by the way, complaining about the work of the main press on this subject...

Nice, don't you?


P.S. About the "XK 9". A friend in Argentina wrote to the journalist who published the note but until today we have no news. And I have found nothing on the Web too.

Lonjho hat gesagt…


Well, finally here is it. The british distribuitor or manufacturer of the XK-9 detector. Check it out: