Samstag, 8. Mai 2010

What Is Inside A GT200 Detector? Does An Empty Plastic Box Detect Things?

Techowiz found this great video of a Thai news report where they opened up a GT200 detector that is claimed to find explosives and drugs and found...nothing.    Maybe that is why the Thai government's purchase contract for the GT200 prohibited them from opening the devices for testing.  Maybe?  Just asking.

What can you buy for selling thousands of GT200 devices that don't actually work, have cost hundreds of lives, and had possibly innocent people arrested on the evidence of a witching wand?  Techowiz also found that out. Here is a photo of what is apparently Mr. Jim McCormick's house, courtesy of Google Maps and StreetView.   It looks like he has done pretty well for himself.  At least the police in Britain finally saw fit to arrest him.  Perhaps they could sell his house and cars and give the money to the orphans and widows in Iraq who lost their family members to people killed after car bombs drove right past check points supposedly protected by a GT200.


Lonjho hat gesagt…

Bad news, Lumpy.

The guys of ATSC are again on line with his magic wand. Look at these webs:

By the way, if you wonder, the ADE651 is also employed in Mexico. Here you can see a couple of mexican soldiers doing searches with it, and here is Jesús Silverio Cavazos Ceballos, Colima Governor very proud showing it the press.

What a shame.

Just FYI.

Techowiz hat gesagt…

Great news Lumpy,
The UK cops have finally raided and arrested BOLTON for the fraud that is the GT200, check out the link: