Donnerstag, 8. Oktober 2009

When Will USA Today Stop Repeating The Unproven Claims Of GT-200?

Police step up in Mexico's drug wars
Updated 9/17/2009
By Chris Hawley, USA TODAY

"Responding to another call, Espinosa's crew takes up positions behind an army platoon clustered around a warehouse. Federal detectives are breaking open the lock.

Inside, the soldiers discover magazines full of AK-47 bullets scattered across a patio. In the rooms beyond are hundreds of sacks and 55-gallon drums containing chemicals used for making methamphetamines.

It's a major find — but the Mexican military claims credit. Lt. Col. Oswaldo Bejar boasts that his unit has made five busts in eight days in Uruapan, many of them using a chemical-sniffing device known as a GT-200"


USA TODAY! Please research the GT-200 Molecular Detector before repeating the statement it is a chemical sniffing device. It is not. It is a dowsing rod, and has never been proven to work. Give it to an independent laboratory for a double blind test. It will fail. Police and citizens are dying because of the GT-200 in Thailand. When will the first death happen in Mexico due to this scam? Are there not enough people dying already in the drug wars?

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