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How High Will The Death Count Go For The GT200 Detector?

In Thailand, another person was killed because of a bomb undetected by these dowsing rods. How many more people must die?

Acting police chief visits South after new bombings
YALA, Oct 8 (TNA) - Acting National Police Chief Pol. Gen. Patheep Tanprasert visited Thailand’s southern border provinces on Thursday after fresh bomb attacks in Narathiwat to give moral support to police posted there and to follow up measures to reduce violence in the region.
Gen Patheep told reporters after meeting with officers at the Police Operations Centre of the Southern Border Provinces in Yala that his mission now is to give moral support to the police who work in the restive region and to follow up the situation and to assess the measures to ease violent attacks in the border provinces.
Presumed insurgents on Tuesday fired on patrons and hurled a homemade explosive at a roadside food shop in Sungai Kolok district of Narathiwat before fleeing on their motorcycle, killing two people and wounding a dozen others.
On the same day, a car bomb exploded in front of a local hotel, killing one person and wounding many.
Gen Patheep said he will gather information to adjust the response and prevent futrure insurgent attacks.
As for an explosive-detection device, called the GT-200, that malfunctioned in detecting bombs and preventing an attack, the police chief said he would discuss with technicians, but needed more information before commenting.
If the officials could identify the cause of the problem, it could be solved, he added.
A court on Wednesday issued arrest warrants for four suspected insurgents in connection with Tuesday's multiple bomb attacks in the restive southern province of Narathiwat.
Local police identified the four suspects as Muhammad Rawi Awae, Ilhas Nima, Rosalan Gubaru and Muhammad Sakari Sising.
Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban also said on Wednesday he will visit the restive south on Monday to follow up on responses to the violence. (TNA)
General News : Last Update : 11:08:14 8 October 2009 (GMT+7:00)


"If the officials could identify the cause of the problem, it could be solved, he added."

The cause of the problem is that the GT-200 is derived from the Quadro Tracker dowsing rod scam from 15 years ago. The solution is to stop using them, and prosecute the sellers for fraud and negligent homicide. INNOCENT CIVILIANS, POLICE AND MILITARY PERSONNEL ARE DYING BECAUSE OF THESE PRODUCTS THAT CANNOT DETECT EXPLOSIVES!

Update: Forum posters and bloggers in Thailand have been spreading the word about this danger, but some of the responses show normal problem solving does not work in this case. People ask, "what went wrong with the detectors? Broken antennas? stolen or broken molecular chips? Lack of training?" All of these falsely assume a GT-200 ever worked. It has not. Instead, the seller relies on an illusion or magic trick to let the buyer convince himself it works. Every man trusts his brain not to lie to him, but that is exactly how magic tricks work.

You might watch a magician on stage pull a rabbit out of a hat, but if you buy the hat from him, you cannot keep pulling out rabbits. The dowsing rod is more subtle, and the magician lets you hold the hat so you think there is no possible way for your brain to trick itself but it does.

Say you buy the hat and take it home. No more rabbits. You go through the steps of what went wrong. Maybe the hat you received was defective. Maybe it ran out of rabbits. Eventually you will learn pulling the rabbit out of the hat when the salesman let you do it was just a magic trick where you thought you understood what was happening, but it was an illusion

The sales demonstration for the GT-200, ADE651, Alpha 6, H3 Tec, HEDD1, or Sniffex Plus is the same. The salesman hands a dowsing rod to an experienced police or military officer and tells him to find the hidden sample. If you find it on the first try based on your experience, you will think the rod works. If it takes you a few tries, the salesman will say, "See! Now you have the ability yourself. What skill you have!" making you think the rod found the sample. However, just like rabbits do not magically come out of hats, dowsing rods do not find explosives, drugs, or anything else. The GT-200 Molecular Detector, ADE651, Sniffex Plus, Alpha 6, Quadro Tracker, MOLE, Scandec, PSD-22, and all other of these are the same. The ability to find hidden objects is just an illusion.

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