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Why is Thailand Throwing Away Money on Alpha 6?

Criminals still scamming police in Phuket --

Phuket Governor: 'No bail for drug crimes'
....However, Phuket City Police Superintendent Wanchai Ekpornpit told the committee that denying bail to all drug suspects would be impractical, given that a large percentage of arrests on the island – including many theft and robbery cases – also involve drug use.

“The drug problem is not just going to go away, and it is hurting our children,” he said.

Instead, he asked the governor to strengthen existing law enforcement capabilities, such as by implementing stricter control at the Tah Chat Chai road checkpoint and buying better quality detection equipment, such as Alpha 6 drug scanners....


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Province to spend Bt1m on drug detection technology
TAH CHAT CHAI, PHUKET: Phuket Governor Wichai Phraisa-ngop has approved the purchase of two state-of-the-art detection devices, one for explosives and the other for contraband. The devices will be used at the Tah Chat Chai checkpoint.

The Alpha 6 detectors, which cost around 500,000 baht each, use “molecular resonance” technology to detect the presence of drugs and explosives from up to 300 meters away.

Suthee Sirianun, an officer with the Phuket Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, says that procurement procedures mean that it would take around one month to acquire the devices.

ASLM Trading Co Ltd demonstrated the Alpha 6 to former Phuket Governor Preecha Ruangjan and Phuket Provincial Police Commander Apirak Hongtong at Phuket Provincial Police Station around two months ago.

The demonstration showed that the devices were successful in locating hidden drugs around 70% of the time.

“At Tah Chat Chai checkpoint, we’re also going to use two American pit-bull terrier sniffer dogs to find drugs,” Mr Suthee added.

– Atchaa Khamlo

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