Dienstag, 6. Januar 2009

Sniffex Plus What?

While Sniffex in the US appears to have collapsed under the strain of Security and Exchange violations and criminal charges, a European seller is still going strong.   

Introducing the Sniffex PLUS!!!

As described on their web site, the seller is:

Sniffex Europe
A Company of German Procurement Services GmbH and part of Unival Group of Companies
Am Hofgarten 4
53113 Bonn, Germany
VAT ID: DE232565058
HRB: 14264
Commercial Register/ District Court Bonn
Managing Director: David Vollmar

Here in Germany is a wonderful seller of Sniffex Plus.  Plus what?  The video demonstration shows now the word 'Plus' is written on the side of what looks like the same body as the old Sniffex.   

The description tells us it contains a power source.  Is that to answer the National Institute of Justice warning to avoid 'bogus' explosive detectors that do not have a power source?  Does putting a battery in a dowsing rod make it suddenly NOT a dowsing rod?  Thankfully the Sniffex PLUS still 'operates through the human body interface' so we know it is still a dowsing rod.  You can put it in a helicopter or a car, but it still has to be held by a person.  What does that mean?  A helicopter, car, or tripod does not have subconscious thought or muscles required for the illusion of a dowsing rod working.  

According to Sniffex Europe, here are some of the uses of Sniffex Plus!

Sniffex Applications

SNIFFEX®PLUS can be used in many possible scenarios: 

1. Search in Buildings – The search can be conducted from the outside and a single SNIFFEX®PLUS operator, walking by a house or small building for less than a minute can check for ammunition or explosives inside. SNIFFEX®PLUS allows an operator to walk on the street and search for explosives in the buildings that are passed.

2. Cars, Parking lots – A simple walk around a parking lot with SNIFFEX®PLUS can detect explosives hidden in one or more of the cars.

3. Planes – Security personnel, using SNIFFEX®PLUS, can pass by a commercial aircraft with all passengers and luggage on board and can check the airplane before takeoff in a couple of minutes, to find out if there is anything dangerous on board; and it can be done from a safe distance of 20-50 meters.

4. Luggage – SNIFFEX®PLUS can check big amounts of luggage at airports or customs. Even 10-20 grams of explosive can give a positive reading with the device.

5. Police Use – Police can use the device to screen suspect’s homes before they entering - all that is needed is to pass by the home with SNIFFEX®PLUS. From the street SNIFFEX®PLUS can detect if there are any explosives in the house. Sometimes, SNIFFEX®PLUS is so sensitive that it will even show positive readings if there are handguns or ammunitions in the house.

6. SWAT Teams – Special Forces can use SNIFFEX®PLUS to check for everything from large explosives to ammunition stockpiles.

7. Land Mines – We believe it is possible to use SNIFFEX®PLUS to find land mines in shallow soil, but to date, this situation was only proven during test. Landmines and unexploded bombs have been found during several tests with 100% accuracy between 20 cm up to 7 meters below the ground level.

8. Crowds – A walk by a big crowd of people by security personnel can identify explosives in the area.

9. Ports - Harbor security, especially container cargo can be checked from a safe distance. Even trucks on ferries can be checked during the roll on or roll off by just passing 1 or 2 SNIFFEX operators.

Good luck checking for land mines!  I cannot wait for the first court case to hear the judge laugh when the police tell her or him they decided to enter a suspect's home because the dowsing rod told them a gun or ammunition was inside.  

How does Sniffex Plus work?


The method of measurement is described in The United States Patent 6,344,818 and can be defined as detection of pre-initialized magnetic interference.

SNIFFEX®PLUS operates through the human body interface. SNIFFEX®PLUS contains a power source which “modulates” the applied DC magnetic field. The antenna works as an integration device pointing the direction towards the object through detection of the line of interference.

Description of the method
SNIFFEX®PLUS creates in the surrounding one magnetic field with specific form. The device requires a relative movement in relation to the earth magnetic vector and more specifically to its vertical component.

While holding the device in his hand and moving, the operator creates the necessary relative movement. Even out of driving cars and helicopters, SNIFFEX®PLUS is able to locate explosives.

The interaction between the dynamic magnetic structure created by SNIFFEX®PLUS and the vertical component of the earth magnetic vector establishes the necessary and sufficient conditions for the activity of the magnetic interference. If in the surrounding there is a presence of an object containing in its chemical structure -NO2 or -NO3 compounds the interference can be measured with the turning of the antenna which reacts as a “pointer” to the object.
What does that mean??? Pre-initialized magnetic interference?   If you are confused as to what that means, it is because it does not make sense.   But if someone says a lot of scientific words and sounds like they know what they are talking about, many people do not question them.  Our whole point of this blog is to ask those questions.    Can anyone at Unival or Sniffex-Europe explain this?  Is there a motor in Sniffex Plus, or is it still just a freely pivoting antenna?  Is there an electronic circuit?  Wires?  Computer?  Or is it just more magnets and 'Container 19?'

What does it take to get a certificate?   

The manufacturer TASC and the seller Sniffex Europe are showing off their ISO 9001 certificate and CE certification.   A CE marking does not mean an independant laboratory certifed the product as safe or effective.  [References]   What about the ISO 9001 certificate?  "Certification to an ISO 9000 standard does not guarantee any quality of end products and services; rather, it certifies that formalized business processes are being applied. Indeed, some companies enter the ISO 9001 certification as a marketing tool."  [References]


CE conformity
EN 60355-1
IEC 60050 (161)
IEC 60050 (161)


Techowiz hat gesagt…

Excellent work Lumpy, we are now on the case of the fraudsters selling the Alpha 6 in London. We have challenged the UK Government over the claimed support for Global Technical and they are, 'looking into it'. We have also caused problems for the ADE in Belguim as their ministry is now looking into the original purchase of the ADE. Will keep you updated with any devolpments.

peter hat gesagt…

Hi Lumpy, we've got a new? one for you that Techo has dug up.

The PSD-22 from ISCC UK Ltd, who are also selling the Alpha 6

By way, if you Digg our blogs and I have dugg yours this apparently helps get them up the google rankings so go for it if you can.

Cheers, DD

Anonym hat gesagt…

Check out the latest Techo has discovered. The PSD-22 from ISCC UK Ltd. remarkably similar to the ADE 651, but with a gold tipped antenna!! Wow. Gasp. Gold tipped! Must be just as bad as all the other scams but worth a few pence for the gold perhaps.

Techowiz hat gesagt…

Hi Lumpy, Your friend David Vollmer has now started his own blog which can be found here:-


I am sure you will post some comments, please advise us when you do.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Keep it up as we say here in the U.K., or as Franz Beckenbauer might have said "Keepen sie Uppen"