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How Can People Sell The GT200 Detector?

How many ways can you spell Quadro Tracker?
1) Quadro Tracker
3) Scandec
4) Alpha 6
5) ADE 100, ADE 651, etc.
6) GT200

The chaps over at explosivedetectorfrauds have pointed out yet another in the never ending line of dowsing rods claiming to find explosives and drugs. This is the GT200 Remote Detection System from Global Technical. How can the government of the United Kingdom allow this potentially dangerous product to be sold from their country? The GT200 is not new, rather another name for the same product which has been sold for years. Each time it is exposed as being incapable of functioning, it is just repackaged.

In 2007 Mr. James Randi covered Global Technical and their product, previously named MOLE, which seemed to be a renamed version of the infamous Quadro Tracker.

From the company's web site:

"GLOBAL TECHNICAL LTD is a well established private UK company registered and supported by the UK government. We invest in the development and production of emerging security and military focused technologies, that assist Law Enforcement agencies in the UK and Internationally..."

How is Global Technical supported by the UK government? If they are not, how can the company falsely advertise? The statement is clearly designed to increase the credibility of the company and their products.

And what about this claim the British Army has made a report that confirms the effectiveness of the technology? How do I get a copy of that report? UPDATE - British Ministry of Defence tells Global Technical to remove misleading statements claiming use or endorsement by the British military!

"Two test reports are available that confirm the effectiveness of our technology. One is from the British Army and relates to the search of explosives. The report confirms the technology is ideally suited to stand off detection of explosives. This is an important reference from the Royal Engineers who are the foremost authority in the UK for explosives search and disposal, having gained experience from the troubles in Northern Ireland and operations around the world. The second report is from the Netherlands Ministry of Defence relating to the East Caribbean Task Force operations for narcotic interdiction. The report details the effectiveness of the system in sea and air operations."

Remember how the United States Department of Justice warned years ago about these dowsing rods and how the sellers will claim new technology which most people cannot understand? Global Technical says, "the company is at the cutting edge of science, combining the latest technology with operational experience to bring you the most advanced collection of equipment for Law Enforcement."

Is this really a danger? In our opinion, selling a product that has never once been proven to work to people for explosive detection is extremely dangerous. Teaching people to clear jungle paths and roads and declare them safe for travel based on this device is dangerous.

Look at this example of a GT200 actually being used in Thailand to investigate the question of police brutality when a explosion occurred near protesters:

"...At a press conference Dr. Pornthip stated; There is no traces of explosive residue on the clothing or bodies of the victims. Our team is using a GT-200 substance detector and found no explosive residue used in making bombs. We’ve already investigated the riot scenes here in Bangkok and the bodies and clothing of the injured victims. The GT-200 detector has collected chemicals from the scenes of the Bangkok riots and victims that can be used for comparisons later..."

How can anyone in good conscience sell a non-functioning explosive and drug detector?

What are the dangers?
1) People dying from explosives which were not detected by the dowsing rod.
2) People being falsely accused or convicted of crimes based on "evidence" from a dowsing rod.

Is being "on the cutting edge of science" an excuse for selling an unproven product? Where are the independant laboratory results showing the GT200 can find explosives or drugs when neither the trained user nor the observer know where the samples are hidden?

How about this article describing the use of the GT-200 in Mexico? http://www.oem.com.mx/elsoldedurango/notas/n717454.htm
The fact that trained and experienced drug enforcement officers found marijuana is not surprising, and does not prove the GT200 assisted them more than if they had just used the skills they already had. Also, the police probably do not call the newspaper to tell them about the times they searched with the GT-200 and found nothing.

Maybe Global Technical should read this article about the nearly identical Quadro Tracker busted by the FBI in 1995 after Mr. James Randi exposed it as a scam.

These are impressive specifications. Has anyone verified them, or were they just made up?
Size:173mm x dia max 50mm

Weight:450gOperating time:Unlimited

Detection method:DIA/PARA magnetism

Sensor card MBTF:12 years

Detection distance:
  • Water (depth) 800 meters
  • General search 700 meter
  • Earth (depth) 60 meters
  • Aerial 4 kilometers
Minimum detection quantity:pico grams

Is it a coincidence that after the Quadro Tracker arrests in the United States the product was taken to the UK and renamed the MOLE detector? Now it appears to have been renamed once again to the GT200. Why does the UK put up with these scams which endanger lives around the world?

What does the GT200 FAQ say?

1 - What is GT200 Remote Substance Detection System?

GT200 Remote Substance Detection system is a revolutionary tool that provides you with 360° security protection. It is developed by Global Technical UK. The system has been developed to allow the search of large areas and reduce them to small locations . The GT200 allows for all types of narcotics or explosives to be searched for in one operation. Put it simply, it's Remote. Distance. Speed. Covert.

2 - Is the GT200 intended as stand-alone equipment?

The GT200 should be used as first indication only, and conventional methods should always be used to confirm the result of the lock. By definition, a 'lock' means a triangulated position. It can be used as confirmation of suspicions. The GT200 saves the search team and canine's working time for more efficient working. When the GT200 is used by a canine team, the area of search can be indicated from a greater distance than the dog can smell, so putting the dog in the right area quickly. This ensures that the dog is sent in to more specific area, thus saving it from sniffing fruitlessly in unproductive areas.

3 - How was the GT200 developed into the product as it exists today?

GT200 was developed to meet the requirement of being able to detect a specific substance remotely from a safe distance. Detection devices in existence today are limited to the detection of substances from molecules at a very close range (less than 3 meters) such as IMS Technology.

IMS technology includes equipment such as Barringer, GE Ton track and Saber type detectors seen today at most airport facilities. The limitation of this type of equipment is due to the fact that actual physical contact analysis of a substance or group of substances must be made vapor or substance level.

However, the GT200 is designed to detect these same substances without having physical contact with the actual substance. By doing so, it is able to detect programmed substances at very long range safely, quickly and covertly. Building upon years of field testing and trials, the GT200 went through various hardware and software revisions into the unit that exists today.

Its target market is; Law Enforcement, Military Agencies, and the corporate entities that need the ability to safely identify the possible existence of a substance and identify the parameters of the area where that substance exists. Building searches, Road blocks, Airport Cargo Containers, building entry points, car parks, etc. are all areas for which the GT200 can be deployed effectively.

4 - How does the GT200 work?

The GT200 works on the principal of dia/para magnetism. All substances carry a magnetic charge that, when stimulated by an impulse of electricity, (static) creates an attraction between the substance being detected and the GT200 unit itself. This is called EMA or Electro Magnetic Attraction.

The simple way to explain this technology is to take an inflated balloon and rub it on your hair. A static charge is being created making that balloon "attract" it to say, a wall. Provided that there is enough charge on that balloon, it will remain "attracted" to the wall for an indefinite amount of time. However, once the "charge" has dissipated, the balloon will then "unattached" between itself and fall to the ground.

What the GT200 is doing is creating an "attraction" between itself and the substance it wants to detect. Through the Substance Sensor Card and the movement of an operator, an attracting field is created in the card reader that, in turn causes the Receiver"s antenna of the GT200 to lock onto a signal, indicating the direction in which the substance can be located. When the magnetic signal of the substance that the GT200 is searching for, is located within its detection range, the GT200 receiving antenna will move toward the direction that the substance exist. In essence the GT200 functions like a hyper sensitive receiver.

See: Basic Triangulation Open Search Video

5 - Can the GT200 pin point the exact location of the target substance?

No, the GT200 is NOT a pin-point detection device. It is designed to

  • Identify the existence of the target substance(s) and
  • Define the close-in search area to approximately 4 cubic meters. After the GT200 identifies the existence of the substance, it is up to the trained operator to use other search techniques to identify the exact location of the target substance.

6 - Can GT200 detect all types of narcotics and explosives?

Yes. Global Technical has produced a wide variety of Substance Sensor Cards for the detection of narcotics and explosives. This list continues to grow as more and more different types of narcotics and explosives are manufactured and distributed. In our standard GT200 kit, we include substance recognition cards to the client"s choice.

This generally meets most requirements of our clients. However there are times when specific clients either require more detection cards, or have identified other substances not generally used in normal day to day operation.

See: Substances

7 - Is there anything that can stop or block the GT200 from detecting substances?

To date, we have not found anything that will totally block or stop the substance signal being detected. As with any equipment, there are limitations as to its use and for that matter, the GT200 has some guidelines for its use. Provided these guides (together with your operators training), are followed, you will have an effective tool enabling you to productively narrow down the area of search allowing other search methods to be deployed in the successful detection of the searched substance. Used correctly, the GT200 can detect substance(s) through walls, (even lead-lined and metal ones), water, (fresh and salted), fresh and frozen food, (fish, fruit, tea, coffee, ice), vacuum flask, containers, petrol and diesel fuel and even buried in the earth.

8 - Can anyone operate the GT200?

Yes. It is imperative that our training program be purchased with this unit as it will take, about 3 days to fully train an operative in the effective use of GT200. This does not mean that you will not be able to use the GT200 but in our training program, we aim to make you competent in the use of the product and to understand the readings you will obtain during normal day-today operational use.

9 - Why is the training program required?

The GT200 is no different than any other instrument that requires a human to operate. For example, just because you have read about golfing and have all the equipment does not mean that you can tee-off accurately! You can try, but without training you may have some degree of success or failure. The reality of the matter is that, without proper training you may find that the equipment does not appear to produce the results that you anticipated and therefore you can incorrectly judge the effectiveness of the equipment.

In the same manner, anyone can read the operator manual and try to use the GT200 and you may, or may not, achieve some level of success (or failure). However, with proper training, the trained operator will reduce, significantly, the chances of incorrectly using the equipment and this will also increase their ability to effectively identify the target substance and location of that substance.

10 - What happen if you are very close to the target substance?

It is very possible to totally miss the target substance if you are too close. Remember that the GT200 is a long-range detector and operates by triangulating locks obtained from the perimeter scan of the defined search area. In other words, the scan of the area should allow for a minimum of 4-5 meters outside of the search area.

11 - How is the GT200 used for the searches of vehicles or high traffic areas?

Since the GT200 has the ability to detect substances from a very far distance, proper operational techniques must be used in conducting a vehicle road block search or when scanning an area where people are walking along a passageway. By sweeping a defined area in the path of travel (approximately 20-25 meters) and establishing a "clean area", it is very simple and effective to scan the clean area as vehicles enter that area.

By definition a "clean area" means that the background of the search area is not contaminated with the target substance. The GT200 will "lock" onto the first vehicles or persons that has the target substance. The GT200 antennae will stay and follow the target through the area for quick identification of any suspect substance being targeted.

See: Basic Triangulation Vehicle Check Point Video

12 - How does GT200 handle contamination?

Contamination is an important issue with regard to using GT200. It must be remembered that the GT200 unit has the ability to detect target substances at below trace level and therefore, even "shaking hands" can result in a person being detected using the GT200. However, with our intensive training program, we are able to show you how to avoid contamination issues and effectively eliminate any unwanted signals.

13 - Does the GT200 emit any harmful rays or hazardous emissions?

No. There are no harmful rays or emissions from the GT200. The unit is totally passive and is purely a receiver of information, NOT a transmitter.

14 - Will the GT200 detect substances like drugs or narcotics that have been carried in the body?

Yes. The GT200 has the ability to detect substance either taken into, or hidden on, the body itself. Even users of narcotics drugs will be detected by the GT200. For example, a smoker of marijuana, who has recently smoked a marijuana cigarette, will be detected by the GT200. Users of cocaine and/ or heroin will also be detected, and depending on the quantity, a person/user, could be detected for up to 1 or 2 weeks! However, again, our intensive training program, we will show you how to deal with such scenarios.

15 - What is the maximum distance that the GT200 can detect?

The detection distance for general search is up to 700 meters. It can detect substances in water (fresh or salt) up to a depth of 850 meter. In the case of buried substance it can detect up to 60 meter deep. For aerial reconnaissance, the distance extends to 4 kilometers.

16 - Does weather affect the operation the GT200?

Yes. Weather can affect the GT200 performance, but not its operation. In a heavy downpour of rain, the GT200 will still operate but at a "reduced" operational distance. However, (again with training) we can demonstrate how best to operate the GT200 and how to avoid unnecessary environmental operating scenarios.

17 - How can the GT200 operate without any external power source?

Electro-static electricity is very much misunderstood. The GT200 does not require power in order to operate. It requires a very high level of electric current but without amperage. This is why it cannot be mounted in a stationary position to operate. The production of power is generated by the movement of the operator. As the operator walks the perimeter of the defined search area, he (or she) is generating elector-static electricity. As one moves, you can generate power which, at times can be in excess of 2,500-3,000 volts! This in turns power the GT200. The GT200 becomes active and starts to receive signals from the magnetic signature of the targeted substance.

18 - How do I sweep a line of people?

It is sometimes advisable to check people out, such as immigrants or "tourist" coming through a point of entry, prison visitors or even guards and prisoners in a halfway house. Search the line of people and where you have an indication isolate the people either side of your chosen target. Separate these people and re-check to confirm which one the GT200 has indicated on. Make sure you are at least 4 meters from the line. If you are too close it will be difficult to operate.

The GT200 will recognize the presence of drugs on or in the body, in cavities or even in the blood. Scanning the people in a line up should be undertaken with care. And the one or two suspected persons indicated by GT200 should be drawn aside and checked again. Great care must be taken not to accuse people, on solely the result of the GT200 lock. Standard conventional means should be used to verify the indication (e.g. urine test).

Although there is some suggestion of invasion of privacy, this is no worse than having a hand held metal detector swept over you, as used in clubs and shopping malls. Be aware that some medicines contain a base of illegal drugs, and if people are users, drugs will be indicated by the GT200, so tread carefully and gain all the facts first before relying solely on the GT200 in this instance.

19 - What is the possibility of obtaining false positives with GT200?

False positives are problems in all known detection equipment in service today. Similarly, as with drug urine test, some suspects who are known to have taken medication with codeine may show positive results.

A manageable amount of false positives are generally incorporated into the continuing operation of detection equipment and can range from <1%>

Due to the nature of the technology upon which GT200 is built, it would be impossible for it to detect a substance that it is not programmed to detect. In other words, if the GT200 obtain a lock on an area for substance that the GT200 is searching for, and a "close-in" search using Canines or IMS portable equipment turns up nothing, it does not mean that the GT200 produced a false positive.

Explanation: The GT200 can detect to below the average <30>

Important: One important feature of GT200 is that, by detecting a contaminated area of a programmed substance, (for example, say, C4 explosives), one is alerted to the fact that, at some point in time, (whether recently or sometime ago), the item or area detected came in contact with that explosive. This could be extremely beneficial in scanning trucks and cargo containers. Since containers are normally closed when empty, they remain contaminated for some time and can be noted for tracing the origin of its cargo and routes.

In the case of Narcotics, Global Technical will train the operator to understand situations that may seem like an actual detection of a substance when, in fact, the detection may be produced by a substance that may contain a small portion of the programmed target substance. For example, many medicines today contain derivatives of Cocaine. When conducting a search of a passenger or baggage area at the airport, care must be taken to first;

  1. Determine the cause of the detection to determine whether it is from medications or actual substance first and
  2. Question the person, in the same manner as would be normally a suspect.

20 - How can I avoid contamination of an area?

If possible wear cotton gloves or wash your hands. If you have to search a room, do it from the outside, it will prove much more successful. It is hard to make a sweep inside a room because of the furniture and other obstructions. Once the GT200 has indicated a specific area, enter the room, trying not to touch or sit on anything at all, have a colleague make the actual search, or send in the dog team. Then after it is removed, search the area again. The only problem now is the introduction of contamination by the search team and if a substance is found, be careful not to leave any residue behind.

21 - Where is the G200 currently in use?

The GT200 is currently in use by government, Military, Narcotics and Corporate agencies around the world. It is important to note that the GT200 is largely used as a covert equipment. Therefore our reference list remains confidential and not publish indiscreetly.

22 - How do manage unwanted signals?

In selecting an area to search for your chosen target, be aware that there may be samples of the same product out there, not within in your search area. The GT200 will lock the first signal it aligns with, not necessarily the nearest or strongest. You can get unwanted signals, such as reading back to something you have touched or used, or reading a colleague you have touched, or has touched you, because you have not taken enough care with the elimination of contamination.

There are other things; trace elements of the substance you are seeking may be found on or in other objects. Some medicines contain drugs legally and can be detected. Nitroglycerine is an explosive and also used in heart medicines and can by pick up by our recognition signal for explosives. For these reasons it is important that all indications are put onto drawing of the area. Do not think that you will remember where they are; it is almost impossible. Take the point of the majority readings as your primary target search area and be prepared to accept the possibility of secondary areas. It is better to include secondary areas and search them than miss the substance.

23 - Is there an economic justification to acquire GT200?

The GT200 offers many operational cost potential savings. A few examples are offered here.

Mass Urine Test: Random mass screening may often yield low positive rates. Consequently, there may be potentially huge wastages of resources in terms of manpower and cost of test kits. Using GT200, you can narrow down to the most probable suspect(s) and eliminate these wastages.

Productivity: It is well known that surveillance can take a lot of effort in terms of time and manpower. Field intelligence can be misleading or inaccurate. Drug traffickers change their storage location frequently and have to be caught red handed. Using the GT200, you can potentially eliminate locations where there is no target substance(s) stored and re-deploy/prioritize your watch areas.

Bomb Threats: Bomb hoax incur cost each time by deploying search teams, evacuating and interrupting business operations. The GT200 can minimize these cost issues by sweeping large areas and narrowing potential location very quickly with minimum manpower and time

Manpower: A GT200 operative can scan wide areas and in a 360 degrees sweep than 5 o more security guards (depending on extend of the area).Effectively, you gain high productivity and you save significantly on manpower cost

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? That is probably because it still is too good to be true.


Techowiz hat gesagt…

Hi Lumpy,
I make the following points:-

1) This application of science, if it were true, would be an achievement recognized and applauded the world over.

2) How can it be the case that the device works in the field but not under scientifically controlled conditions?

3) The dowsers are absolutely certain that they have a special ability to find water with their dowsing rods, but when tested under controlled conditions they fail to perform.

and finally:-
'My supervisor, who is a world-reknowned expert on sensor technologies, pointed out to them that the antenna was an omni-directional antenna, and they are pointing the null (its weakest direction) at the target. And their answer was: "Well, yeah, the antenna IS omni-directional, but the ELECTRONICS are directional." Total nonsense to an electronics engineer'.

peter hat gesagt…

Well done again Lumpy!! Gary Bolton is the M.D, of Global technical. He is keeping a very low profile but I have invited him to take a look at my Blog:


I expect that Mr. McComick at ATSC and Mr. Bolton are both getting a bit worried. Information has been sent to the Ministry of Defence and the Department for Business (BERR) and shortly the Foreign Office will be contacted.

Keep up the good work!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Lumpy, please note the latest post at Techos blog. we noticed the discrepancy between ATSC claiming electrostatic attraction and not particulate/vapour detection, and Prosec, their Lebanon distributor claiming particulate/vapour Thermo-redox detection!

Bit of a muddle of lies, don't you think!!

Techowiz hat gesagt…

Hi Lumpy,

I now have a copy of the reports regarding the MOLE (you mentioned in your blog) from the UK MOD and the Netherland Task Force. If you email me I will send you a copy.

jose luis villa torres hat gesagt…

Ok......Mexican goverment (Sedena, mexican military force's) bougth from them (Global Technical ) at least 521 of those toys, for up to 10 millions dollars... Judith Macgregor, Ambassador from UK in Mexico say two days a go, "we advise to the Sedena about the ineficacez of this GT200 and about Healt....if they say so, is becouse something is wrong. the big problem is this litlle toys came with something affect healt...( sorry my english) but by next 22 of this month I have a date with a General from Sedena regarding this becouse they dont know anything about this.....