Freitag, 1. August 2008

How Will Sniffex Survive Criminal Prosecution?

Sniffex accused of cheating investors out of millions of dollars - Paul Johnson charged with fraud.

Coverage of the arrest of Sniffex players behind the stock scam.

The full US Navy report of Sniffex failing the tests.

Securities and Exchange Commission charges against Sniffex for fraud.

Criminal charges against a founder of Sniffex.

Sniffex founder pleads guilty to fraud.

Past news story about the US Navy getting ripped off by Sniffex

Count this as a win for James Randi, who has been warning people for years about Sniffex, Quadro Tracker, Mole, ADE, and every other similar dowsing rod scam.

The PSD-22 is another repeat of the same scam too. There is a joke I think here somewhere with a web site named I See Suck!

"The System does not require the user to be any less than 200m-300m away from the required substance will direct the operative either to the container or the room where the contraband may.
Once a specific area has been targeted and detected the group of substance by multi-programmable Card and easily pinpointing system to allow safe removal."

UPDATE! - Thank you ICSS UK for removing the PSD-22 from their web site! Mixing legitimate security equipment with worthless dowsing rods is misleading, and you should be commended for taking steps to stop the sale of the PSD-22.


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Thank you for your excellent work in exposing this fraud, we have a similar blog going at:

Techowiz hat gesagt…

Hi Lumpy, another anti ADE blog at:-

Great photograph of the owner of ATSC, Jim McCormick.

Thank you for your support.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Lumpy, we love your site. So well put together. For a more irreverent look at this and a picture of the delightful Jim McCormick please feel free to visit:

Keep up the great work. Jim is bound to be getting very jumpy, that's if he can get his fat arse off the ground!