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What Information Is There About Sniffex?

I first heard of Sniffex thanks to Bruce Schneier and his security blog that had links to James Randi's site. Besides James Randi, who has talked about Sniffex? This site will be my way of collecting all of the good links to web sites I found about Sniffex and other similar items.

Some talk has also gone on about the company in the US that is selling Sniffex. The company itself has changed its name from Sniffex Inc to Homeland Safety International Inc. Previously, they used, but now use:
The stock was traded on the Pink-Sheets under SNFX and is now HSFI.

Stock charts, news, and SEC filings from HSFI / SNFX

More comments about SNFX/HSFI

UPDATE HSFI has claimed several times that in one case, the Sniffex device led to the recovery of evidence in a criminal case. Perhaps they should see this story about the Quadro Tracker dowsing rod and why the manufacturer asked police to lie about using it to find evidence.

According to a news article, Arsenal Co. in Bulgaria manufactured the first 100 Sniffex Units.

For anyone curious about the similar DKL Lifeguard product:

Here is an analysis of what was inside the DKL Lifeguard. Keep in mind though, the Sniffex has NO electronic components at all inside, so the analysis would be much easier. The only internal contents in Sniffex are two pairs of magnets and a container of some mystery substance, "Container 19" that the company claims is a trade secret. Of course another possible answer is that the Sniffex and DKL only seem to work, and really function like dowsing rods. Which seems more likely?

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