Donnerstag, 2. Dezember 2010

Why Didn't Slate Magazine Continue Exposing The Fraud?

A reader and fellow blogger, on Reasonably Doubting News, points out a few depressing things from an article a few days ago on

Divining rods. God help you, Iraq.

The idiots are still using them. Corrupt politicians refuse to believe that the things don't work.

In the armored truck, with half-inch glass windows and iron paneling, the ride into town was an endless series of checkpoints. Beside great towers of poured-concrete blast walls, heavily armed Iraqis regarded us sourly and used a sort of divining rod to see whether our car had explosives. If shooters approached the truck and opened fire, I was told, we would have an hour before bullets breached the armor.

And some Western journalists apparently have no clue about them.
It seems despite the recent admission by the Iraqi Government, the military is still using these absolutely worthless ADE651 dowsing rods which are estimated to have allowed the deaths of at least hundreds of Iraqi citizens.   Deaths which could have been prevented if REAL checks had been conducted with dogs, visual searches, or chemical residue tests.  A flashlight and mirror are infinitely better tools, since they actually work.

Too, the journalist for Slate Magazine, Nathan Deuel, describes in graphic detail the massive scale of the loss of life and the personal connection of trying to grasp the tragedy and documents the ongoing attacks with car bombs, mortars and rockets, yet does not comment once on the reckless use of a worthless empty plastic box to "protect" the citizens.  Presumably, like most people he must have assumed that even if the "sort of a divining rod" did not work well, at least it probably worked a little.  Sadly we know it not only did NOT work, it was a waste of money, time, and worst of all lives.  Lives wasted by greedy criminals who knew their products did not and could not detect explosives, yet gladly reaped in millions of dollars and pounds.


Techowiz hat gesagt…

Hi Lumpy, The Thais have done it again, they have now tested the ridiculous HEDD1, and guess what, No I wont ruin it for you, check the link:

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Pär Larsson hat gesagt…

We need to get more action on Wikipedia to make sure that any authorities connected to the use of these devices are identified as such on their wiki pages.

Send me a list of authorities, what equipment and what media source identifies them as having used/sold/acquired that equipment and I can do the wiki editing. Wikipedia requires an easily available 3rd-party reference source or the edit will be deleted.