Samstag, 8. Mai 2010

Why Is Jim McCormick Still Selling ADE 651?

No, it is NOT unfortunate that some people refuse to believe that your product works! If you ever once prove your ADE651 Detector works, we will believe you! You are right that many people do not believe the concept [that dowsing rods work to find explosives]. but that does not mean we are ignoring the problem. The group of bloggers united to exposing your fraud and bringing companies like yours to face criminal charges is trying to SAVE lives by convincing people to use REAL explosive detection equipment, not a freely swinging transistor radio antenna on a plastic box that has failed every scientific test of its capabilities.

Does anyone else notice how Mr. McCormick rationalizes the failure of the ADE651? "It is more technique..." - Meaning YOU the buyer or tester is at fault if it does not find the bombs.

Think of all of the lives lost in Iraq and around the world if his claim of having sold 6,000 dowsing rods around the world is true. How many innocent people in Thailand have been arrested on the "evidence" of a bogus magic wand. How many people killed in the drug wars in Mexico, when the police searching for weapons or drugs walked right past the criminals beside them. How many people died in Iraq, in bombings like the in the video Jim showed so dramatically.

Yes, people doubt the "technology" of the ADE651 because every time the technology of divining or dowsing rods has been tested for finding explosives or drugs or weapons, or anything else, the technology has failed. Why does the device SEEM to work during the sales demonstration? Because with the ideomotor effect, the customer slightly moves his hand toward the sample of explosives without realizing it. It is a magic trick. It is an illusion. It is NOT a way to protect lives from terrorists or violent drug lords.


Thanks to our friend AT at the  Lonjho blog for bringing this video to our attention.

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