Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2010

What Is Newer Than ADE 651 GT200 And H3 Tec? Is it HEDD1?

Just when you were sad that the Sniffex device that was the inspirer of this blog had died for good, the Sniffex is born from the ashes as the HEDD1.  The High Explosive Detection Device 1.    What is it?  A Sniffex with a battery stuck on it.   You see, we complained that the Sniffex was too close to the definition of the worthless dowsing rods called "bogus explosive detection equipment" by the engineers at the National Institute of Justice.   What is the correct response to that?  Stop selling a device in a category that has led to the deaths of police and civilians around the world?  Including hundreds in Iraq?   No!  The answer is to put a plaster on the problem and pretend it never existed.  Now the Sniffex HEDD1 has a battery, so evidently the sellers hope we do not notice that it still cannot find explosives.  They even changed the name to spell out exactly what they claim it should do. That also does not make the HEDD1 into a miracle explosive detection rod any more than the H3 Tec device, or the ADE651, or the GT200, or the Sniffex Plus, or the Sniffex, or the MOLE, or the Quadro Tracker.

Don't forget to push the reset button.  Also do not forget to wear your baseball hat and jumpsuit.  This clothing is critical for finding explosives.  Without a hat, the Modulated Magnetic Field (MMF) might get in your eyes!

After the US Navy embarrassed Sniffex by testing the device and finding it worthless for finding bombs, they checked to see if it emitted a signal as claimed in the patent.   It did not.  Nothing.  No signal.  But without a battery or other power source, that is not surprising.

Now, HEDD1 says "The device creates no RF [radio frequency] signals, but creates MMF (Modulated Magnetic Field.)"     We already know the makers of Sniffex have a dangerously low understanding of chemistry and physics, but how do they violate the laws of physics by separating electromagnetism?  Are they using outdated ideas that electric fields are completely separate from magnetic fields, and that RF has nothing to do with electromagnetics?   These inventors need to go to their local school and take a class for physics so they can be as smart as a 15 year old.

If you want to see the advertisement from Unival and decide for yourself if the product will work this time or be as worthless as the Sniffex when tested, you can get it here:

HEDD1 brochure pdf


Techowiz hat gesagt…

Hi Lumpy,

Great news to report Jim McCormick the MD of ATSC that make the ADE651 has been arrested for fraud, check out the link:

Pär hat gesagt…

Good news. They just arrested the ***hole in the UK who was selling these things to Iraq. More publicity on BBC News, too!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Is it alright to humiliate one's own country here?

Thai authorities insist on using GT200
Check out this link:

Anonym hat gesagt…

Is it alright to humiliate one own country here?

check out this link: