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Will H3 Tec Be The Next To Trick The Military And Police? And what Is Nano Ionic Resonance?

What do you get when you wrap a dowsing rod with a metal case? An easy way to find Gold? Oil? Drugs? Explosives? Landmines?   No, you get H3 Tec's glorified metal stick inside a metal case.  The inventor apparently was inspired by Star Trek into building his own "tricorder."  The result is as much science fiction fantasy as the show.

H3 Tec's own literature and advertising show the device in action, together with amusingly old fashioned open air dowsing rods.  The good old days when you could dowse with a tree limb or a bent piece of wire or coat hanger.  Now dowsing rods are so heavy, expensive, and need batteries!

The new H3 Tec lets you snap on a real GPS device, turn some knobs, plug in 9 volt battery cells and pretend you are Captain Kirk searching for gold on an alien planet.   Dowsing has a long history in the search for gold and oil, and has never once been proven to work.

"Further testing of dowsing...would be a misuse of public funds." — U.S. Geological Survey report, 1917"
Ninety years later, it is more true than ever.   But with amateur gold hunters, all that is lost is money and time.

When the military and police units of the world are tricked into buying them, people die.  And when they are used by these agencies to look for drugs, evidence, or weapons, innocent people may go to jail for no reason.  These rods operate on exactly the same principle as the Ouija Board game.  Would you let the police kick down your door because a Ouija board told them you had taken or sold drugs?  Would you trust a board game to tell you where a real bomb was hidden by a terrorist?   Then why trust a freely swinging metal rod instead?  What does the H3 Tec do that Sniffex did not?  Or ADE 651?  Or the GT 200?

As the H3 Tec video shows, just because you can make nice animated videos of atoms and put together scientific words like "nano ionic resonance" does not mean you have an understanding of chemistry or physics.

They claim they have invented a device that will detect ANY element, at ranges up to 10 miles, including miles under water.  That would be an almost miraculous product.   What did the US Department of Justice say about bomb detectors that seemed too good to be true?  -  "Do Not Buy Bogus Explosives Detection Equipment"!!

H3 Tec took their video off of YouTube after we linked to it, but you can still see it on their site!
H3 Tec detector video

I hope the americans did not spend money to buy these, and even more that they are not actually in use in the middle east as claimed by H3 Tec, LLC.

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Hi Lumpy,
The advert actually mentioned this scam device was in use by the US military. When will they ever learn