Montag, 19. Oktober 2009

Will Sniffex Ever Die? How Is Sniffex Still In Business?

SNIFFEX is back as the SNIFFEX PLUS!!!

Most amusing to us is the fact they used the criticism of this blog to fix some of their blatant mistakes in prior adverting.

From the sales manual:

"Sniffex Plus - Handheld Explosives Detection Device
unival security is the exclusive global distributor for SNIFFEX PLUS, a unique handheld explosive detect on device."

Comment - As this page shows, many other bogus products work the same way, it is hardly unique. Second, is it any surprise Unival Security is the exclusive dealer after the US government arrested the US distributors of the Sniffex? And the US Navy made a mockery of the device, and said they got "ripped off" by buying them? How many companies would compete to be the next charged with fraud or responsible for the deaths of users of the product?

Below is a photo from the brochure taken from the instructional video manual. Note that in the original brochure the target is circled in red. This test is not, blind, much less double-blind. In a blind test, the Sniffex user would not know the location of the sample. However, scientists view that kind of testing as invalid since the observer who hid the sample may give away clues based on body language. Also, using a parking garage is not a good place to hide a sample for the testing since the cars are not the same. Identical packages should be used to conceal the sample and the person hiding the sample should leave the area.

This is the best picture of all. It has been the example of foolish use of the Sniffex, when the Estonian police used it to secure an area during a visit by US President Bush. This was an embarrassment to the government of Estonia and the US Secret Service. Yet Sniffex is using it in a sales pamphlet.

The manual finally switched to say the device is looking for Nitro groups instead of Nitrous Oxide. Of course, they only did this after this blog mocked them for their complete lack of chemistry knowledge. Now they say they can also locate TATP, which is a completely different category of explosives.

When describing how the device works, it just says the Sniffex Plus has to move, but does not say why it has to be held by a person. A bomb detection robot would be much safer, but since bomb detection robots are not generally susceptible to the ideomotor effect needed for dowsing, they insist a person hold the Sniffex.

The proud new owner of the rights to sell Sniffex Plus worldwide is:

unival group of companies
unival security / SNIFFEX EUROPE
Am Hofgarten 4
53113 Bonn
+49 228 688 36 57
fax +49 228 688 36 59

And here is a dowser failing like always when put to the test. Is dowsing a matter of life and death? Ask the 4 people killed in Thailand when the GT-200 dowsing rod failed.

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Techowiz hat gesagt…

Hi Lumpy, it looks like the ADE651 may be having problems. The ATSC website has been 'under repair' now for some months.
Is it too much to hope that this is one scammer less.
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