Sonntag, 19. Juli 2009

Why Did PEMEX Buy GT200 Detectors?

Andrés Tonini from the Blog El viaje de Lonjho is asking important questions to PEMEX about the reported purchase and use of the GT-200 Molecular Detectors to protect oil and gas facilities from attack. The use of dowsing rods to protect the lives of Mexican citizens is highly dangerous. A bomb at an oil refinery or gas pipeline could kill hundreds of people.

1 .- How many units of the GT200 molecular signature detector the Global Technical have been purchased? How many lots? Specify date of purchase (s) and number of units acquired.

Answer: "They have purchased 5 (five) parts. 1 (one) lot. Purchase Date: December 12, 2008."

2 .- The unit price of the GT200 (in Mexican pesos and U.S. dollars at the time of (s) transaction (s)).

Answer: "In Mexican pesos: $ 464,756.40 and $ 34,500.00 USD, the USD $ 13.4712 dated December 6, 2008."

3 .- Describe additional costs associated with the GT200 as:

a) training courses (numbers, dates and costs);
b) Additional equipment related (specify the type, quantity and costs).

Answer: "There were no additional costs."

4 .- In accordance with the manufacturer of the GT200, which is the scientific principle underlying its operation?

Answer: "The information requested is classified as proprietary and confidential in accordance with Articles 13 fraction I and IV, section 14, section I, II and 18 of the Federal Law of Transparency and Access to Public Government Information.
Accompanying Order issued by the Committee on Information at its meeting Pemex Petrochemical E64.

5 .- Is a technical committee formed to test the GT200 before deciding on their purchase? If so, the names of the members of this committee and its technical expertise.

Answer: "No".

6 .- Before deciding the purchase of the GT200, tests were carried out with the team to see if it works according to what was promised by the manufacturer? If so, what was the protocol of these tests? Who proposed it? Who performed?, What were the results? Detail in the measure possible.

Answer: "No".

7 .- Who was / the responsible party (s) of authorization to purchase this equipment? Cite name (s).

Answer: "Mr. Hugo Martiradoni Aguiñaga, Deputy Industrial Safety and Eduardo Sanchez Alvarez, Managing Quality, Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection."

Click below for the full post in Spanish on the Lonjho blog. Mr. Tonini should be considered a hero for warning the people of Mexico about the danger both to their lives and to their freedom, by the police, military, and businesses who were tricked into buying worthless dowsing rods that cannot find anything.

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