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How Many Reports Will There Be Before Another Person Dies In Thailand?

Alpha 6

GT-200 Molecular Detector

The Bangkok Post has two more articles showing the use of GT200 and Alpha 6. In one case, the GT200 was used after a bomb dog alerted on a suspicious motorcycle. THEN, The user of the GT200 pointed to the cycle as well. When they checked the cycle, no bomb was found. The user of the GT200 dowsing rod saw the dog alert on the cycle and thought it had explosives in it, so when he walked by, even without him realizing he was moving the rod, he tilted it in the direction of the motorcycle. He was not trying to point the rod, his brain knew the dog had alerted on the cycle and without him noticing, his hand tilted to the cycle.

In the second article, the police ALREADY were informed a truck containing a large amount of narcotics products would pass through the district. THEN the driver was found to be on drugs. The police found the cans of liquid, and determined they were chemicals used to make drugs. FINALLY, they used the GT200 and Alpha 6, both of which said the chemicals were related to drugs. This does nothing to prove the dowsing rods work. After the tip, the driver on drugs, the search finding hidden containers of liquid, a chemical test, why were the GT200 and Alpha 6 even needed?

Asean meet hit by bomb scare

Published: 24/07/2009 at 12:00 AM
Newspaper section: News

PHUKET : There was a brief panic at the Asean forum yesterday after an attempt to defuse a suspected bomb near the meeting venue.

A motorcycle with a flat tyre drew attention because it was parked in the prohibited area near the Holiday Inn hotel where the North Korean representatives were staying, about 300 metres from the meeting venue.

A military team sent a sniffer dog to examine the bike and its reaction indicated there was something wrong.

The military then brought in a GT 200 detector robot to double-check and the result confirmed there was a restricted object inside. The motorcycle also had an access sticker for the meeting area.

The military decided to use a high-pressure water gun to destroy the vehicle's electrical circuit. The sound of the water blast was heard around the compound of the Laguna area and caused brief panic for some participants and organising staff.

"I would like to reiterate that we needed to follow precautionary measures based on the highest security level. There was no explosive substance found," said Lt Gen Kanit Sapitak, the 1st Army Region commander, who is responsible for security measures at the meeting.

"We think it may have been traces of urea, or it could have been traces of a substance used for fireworks."

Meanwhile, security authorities have starting returning to their barracks.

Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwon said the troop withdrawal began at midnight yesterday.

About 10,000 soldiers from the 4th Army and other forces including the Special Forces Unit based in Lop Buri were used to safeguard the meeting which began on Friday.

Cans of corn held drug ingredients

Published: 24/07/2009 at 12:00 AM
Newspaper section: News

PHAYAO : Police have found a suspected precursor chemical for producing drugs hidden inside cans containing corn seed on a truck heading to a port in Chon Buri province.

The cargo was destined for export to Dubai, police said.

Phayao police had received a tip a truck carrying a large amount of a narcotic substance from Chiang Mai province would pass through Muang district.

At about 3.20am yesterday, officers led by provincial police chief Prasai Sangkhasap stopped a truck driven by Watchara Sisawai, 40, at a checkpoint in tambon Mae Ka in Muang district, a Phayao police source said.

Inside a container were 1,000 boxes containing cans of corn seed weighing about 21 tonnes.

The source said tests confirmed the driver had taken narcotics.

Tests were also conducted on liquid substances found inside the specially-designed cans. The results showed the liquid was likely to be a chemical precursor used for producing drugs.

Drug abuse charges have been laid against Mr Watchara and he has been taken into custody.

The police team is now tracking the source of the cans, which were to be trucked to a port in Chon Buri and shipped to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The source said labels on the corn seed cans showed they were the product of Progress Service and Repair Co and were transported from Chiang Mai's Chai Prakan district by OV International Import Export Co.

He said police scanned the cans with narcotic substance detection devices called GT200 and Alpha 6 before seizing those containing the suspected precursor chemical.

The cans would be sent to Bangkok for further laboratory examination, the source said.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

We are working on exposing this scam in Thailand.

The hard part is that one cannot expect cooperation from the military or police force, as they are afraid of losing face, and it is hard to coordinate the act from the scientific or academic section, as some of them are afraid of the threat from corrupted authorities.

These are reasons why these kind of scam thrive in the 3rd world country- failed education, corrupted authorities and silenced intellectuals.