Sonntag, 10. Mai 2009

When Will The Mexican Government Realize The GT200 Molecular Detectors Do Not Work?

No matter how you feel about the war on drugs, do you think people should be searched, arrested and convicted on "evidence" consisting of a worthless dowsing rod pointing at your house based on the subconscious guess of the police?  Why do the police use the GT-200 dowsing rod?  Why do the citizens allow the GT200 to be used to search and arrest their neighbors?  Is the violence so bad people that people do not care about evidence anymore?

More people now find this blog searching for GT-200 than for Sniffex.  As the Sniffex name disappears in the shame of being exposed as worthless junk, new detection rods promising amazing results take its place.   The cycle of fraud continues, with innocent people's lives at stake.

Blogger Andrés Tonini from Lonjho has written about the scam in Spanish on his own blog, and describes well the misuse of the GT-200 detector and other dowsing rods 

El "detector molecular" GT200 o cómo le vieron la cara a la SEDENA.
El aparato, es, para llamarlo por su nombre, un fraude. El modelo original se llamaba Sniffex y James Randi lo expuso como tal desde hace tiempo (aquí algo más reciente). En la única prueba independiente y bien hecha que ha tenido, sus resultados no fueron mejores que los que se obtienen lanzando una moneda al aire, lo cual no es de sorprender si vemos que no se trata de otra cosa que una versión plastificada de lo que pretenden hacer los zahories:

More in Spanish can also be found at the Charlatanes Blog

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Techowiz hat gesagt…

Hi Lumpy,
You ask why the Mexican Government buy these fakes, the answer is simple, because the bribe that people receive for purchasing is probably half the purchase price.
best regards