Posts mit dem Label AL-6D DiodeBell explosive detector FBI USA dowsing werden angezeigt. Alle Posts anzeigen
Posts mit dem Label AL-6D DiodeBell explosive detector FBI USA dowsing werden angezeigt. Alle Posts anzeigen

Samstag, 8. Mai 2010

Why Is The AL-6D From DiodeBell The Newest Fraudulent Detector?

The people at DiodeBell are smart!  If you are going to make a fake detector for drugs or explosives, why limit your claims to a few hundred meters?  Why limit yourself to just a few explosives or drugs?

According to the video below, the following countries have been tricked into wasting valuable resources and risking the lives and human rights of their citizens by using the AL-6D.

Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Greece, China, India, Ethiopia, Syria.

Since India and China are included, about 40 percent of the world's population is at risk of being falsely accused of having explosives, drugs, or any other contraband based on the worthless "evidence" of a dowsing rod.

The AL-6D is a freely swinging antenna that points to where the desired substance is located, and has some fancy sounding explanation of how it works using scientific words that have a certain "truthiness" sound to them.  The claims are not true, but they SOUND true!    Only 3 years ago we published this post linking to the US Department of Justice's  warning about these bogus explosive detectors.  And that report was from 1999!  Sadly, those predictions of the government, warning of more scams like the Quadro Tracker came true.  There are getting to be too many to count - Sniffex, ADE650, ADE 651, GT200, Alpha 6, HEDD1, H3 Tec, and now the AL-6D!!

Here are the modest claims by DiodeBell about how the AL-6D can find anything!!

AL-6D detects and localizes explosives in long distances. The AL-6D device accurately detects mines, weapons, RPG’S, stinger missiles, explosive devices, mortar shells, nuclear projectiles, projectiles, antitank weapons, even gunpowder and many other explosives. The device detects explosives in distances ranging from cm to several km, depending on the quantity of explosives, in a sector of 360 degrees and in depths more than 8 meters under soil, water or in the sea. AL-6D detects explosives in open terrain, behind walls, barriers, buildings, hills, inside vehicles and metal containers, etc. Cosmetics, glycerine products, salts, metals and “dirty” battle environment do not influence the accuracy of explosive material detection. Electromagnetic transmission and radiation does not interfere and does not affect the operation and accuracy of the AL-6D device.

AL-6D is using a unique DiodeBell material structure localization technology and method. This technology is based on the magnetic attraction created by particular material structures when energized by low power electromagnetic waves, emitted by the AL-6D antennas. Other explosive detection systems although they promise to detect in long ranges are not accurate even in short distances. The systems that use high power ‘x’ and ‘γ‘ radiation, work only in very short distances, a few meters, and are actually “taking a picture” of the inside of a container or a luggage. Diodebell’s advanced AL-6D technology is the only system that accurately detects explosives in long distances.

The applications of AL-6D are limitless, including:
• Continuous surveillance and monitoring of confined areas of interest, such as passages, military camps, buildings, ports, airports, railway stations, hotels, bus stations, strategic targets, factories, bridges, weapon systems locations, etc.
• Scanning areas, terrains and territories of interest, unknown or invading territories, buildings, etc.
• VIP protection
• vehicles and moving objects, including transport vehicles, airplanes, ships, cars, trains, containers, personal luggage

According to DiodeBell:  " AL – 6D appliance is self-contained energy package and does not require external electrical or other kind of power."  Does that sound familiar??

Yes, it has 9-volt batteries to power the LCD screen, but what powers the turning of the antenna to point to the explosives or nuclear warhead?  The answer is gravity!  There is no motor turning the antenna, it just points in the direction in which you slightly tilted your hand, even if the movement was so slight that you did not realize you made it.   That is why the AL-6D is hand-held.  If you put it on a stand or tripod and let cars drive by trying to find the one with a bomb in it, it would not move at all for the biggest truck bomb or nuclear missile, unless it was blown around by the wind or shaken by an earthquake.

According to the company's website their addresses are:

97 Spruce Street
South Plainfield, NJ 07080
Phone & Fax: 610-6430285

302 Sea Street
Dennisport, MA 02639, USA
Phone & Fax: 1-530-6853915

DiodeBell S.A.
Kserokamares, Sitia 72300, Greece, EU
Phone: +30 28430 29001
Fax: +30 28430 29002

VIOPA 18.02,
Souda Chania 73200, Greece, EU
Phone: +30 28210 23683
Fax: +30 28210 23681

I know Greece is busy with the economic crisis, but USA? Are you there?  FBI? Federal Trade Commission?  Does Anyone care about this fraud being sold in the United States of America?   The FBI shut down Quadro Tracker 15 years ago for this same basic scam product.

For more entertaining reading, or if you are an FBI agent seeking evidence for fraud, you can download a copy of the AL-6D detector brochure here in case the company is smart enough to take down the false claims from their web site.


Our friend AT from Lonjho also pointed out this product to us, and noted the similarity to another product:

That review of a very similar looking device used for treasure hunting was quite insightful in their final conclusion:

But the real story of this device lies in the circuitry, or the lack thereof. Both the main unit, and the accessories, are stuffed full of do-nothing garbage, and a great deal of effort was made in preventing anyone from determining what the Electroscope is all about. Once dissected, it should be obvious to anyone, even those without a technical background, what the Electroscope really is: an ordinary dowsing rod, with a voltage applied to the antennae. The accessories are entirely bogus, and serve no useful purpose. The four items described here (Model 20, Phaser, and two modules) have a total price tag of $1283, but there is only about $10 worth of "technology" in all of it.
I think a dissection  of the AL-6D would show the exact same results: do nothing electronic garbage stuffed inside a box which is really an ordinary dowsing rod.  If you really think dowsing for explosives works, save yourself the money and use a wire coat hanger bent into the shape of an L and make it yourself for free.  You will have exactly the same level of accuracy as any of the devices like AL-6D, HEDD1, Sniffex, Quadro Tracker, Alpha 6, PSD, GT200, H3 Tec, or any of the other past, present, or inevitable future devices.